More Info on US/Canada Virtual Release

As announced in the previous post, Fourteen‘s virtual release in the US begins on Friday, May 15. The release has now expanded to a number of theaters, each of which will make the film available on its web site. And at least one of the theaters is in Canada, which means that May 15 is also the Canada streaming premiere. The Grasshopper Films page for Fourteen should be kept up to date with the list of participating theaters.

Fourteen on Best-of-2019, Best of 2010s Lists

Here are some of the year-end lists on which Fourteen has appeared:

La Vida Útil – top film of 2019 – Alejo Franzetti (Argentina filmmaker), Malena Solarz (Argentina filmmaker), Nicolás Zukerfeld (Argentina filmmaker) (tie), María Aparicio (Argentina filmmaker) (tie), Álvaro Bretal (Argentina critic), Verónica Balduzzi (Argentina filmmaker) (honorable mention), Valeria Fernández (Uruguay filmmaker) (three-way tie)

La Internacional Cinéfila 2019 poll – top five films of 2019 – José Fuentes Navarro (Argentina programmer/critic), Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez (Spain/Peru filmmaker/programmer), Andrea Morán (Spain filmmaker/programmer), Lucas Granero (Argentina critic), Lautaro Garcia Candela (Argentina filmmaker/critic), Martín Emilio Campos (Argentina programmer/critic), André Novais Oliveira (Brazil filmmaker) (honorable mention)

Desistfilm – top films of 2019 – Aldo Padilla (Bolivia/Chile critic) (#7), Raúl Camargo (Chile programmer) (#9), Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa (Peru critic/programmer) (#25)

Sight & Sound poll – top ten films of 2019 – Vadim Rizov (US critic), Christopher Small (UK critic)

Revista Mutaciones (Spain) – top 20 films of the 2010sJoaquín Fabregat (Spain critic), Sergio de Benito (Spain critic); top 20 films of 2019 (poll – tie for #18); top ten films of 2019Iván Ginés (Spain critic), Joaquín Fabregat (Spain critic), Mariona Borrull (Spain critic)

Toronto Film Review – top ten films of 2019 – Gaspard Nectoux (France critic) (#5), Blake Williams (Canada filmmaker) (#7), Aret Frost (US critic) (#1), Sofia Bohdanowicz (Canada filmmaker)

Las Nueve Musas poll (Spain) – top films of 2019 – Toni Llena (Spain critic) (#9), Andrea Morán (Spain filmmaker/programmer) (#7), Javier Trigales (Spain programmer) (#2)

Miradas de Cine (Spain) – top ten films of 2019 – Jose Luis Losa (Spain programmer), Paula Arantzazu Ruiz (Spain critic)

Senses of Cinema 2019 World Poll (Australia) – David Heslin (top 10), Michelle Carey (top 13), Leonardo Goi (top 25), Jordan Cronk (top 50), Miguel Marias

Cargo (Germany) – Hannes Brühwiler – top five films of 2019

A Cuarta Parede poll (Spain) – Sergio de Benito – top films of 2019 (#1)

Macguffin007 poll (Spain) – Sergio Casteleiro – top films of 2019 (#2)

El Fondo del Aire Es Rojo (Spain) – Mario Iglesias – top films of 2019 (#1)

The End of Cinema (Canada) – Sean Gilmantop films of 2019 (#4) and top films of the 2010s (#44)

Kasia With Love (Poland) – top films of 2019 (#3)

Apartman Sinemasi poll (Turkey) – Uğur Eymirli – top films of 2019 (#6)

The Culturist (UAE) – Hind Mezaina – top films of 2019 (#7)

Sergio Alpendre (Brazil) – top films of 2019 (#8)

Insertos (Spain) – Santiago Alonso – top ten international films of 2019

Scout Tafoya (US) – top films of 2019 (#11)

Critikat poll (France) – Marin Gérard – top ten films of 2019 (honorable mention)

Nestor Juez (Spain) – top films of 2019 (#14)

Filmloverss (Turkey) – Güvenç Atsüren – top films of 2019 (#15)

Anotações de um Cinéfilo (Brazil) – Filipe Furtado – top films of 2019 (#19)

Henrique Rodrigues Marques (Brazil) – top films of 2019 (#24)

Micropsia (Spain) – Diego Lerer – top international fiction films of 2019 (#34)

Roberto Gonzales (UK) – top films of 2019 (#48)

Le Polyester (France) – top 25 unreleased films of 2019

The Film Stage (USA) – top 30 undistributed films of 2019